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8 Channel Mutiple Syringe Dispensers



manual syringe dispenser, syringe dispenser, multiple syringe dispenser for tissue typing, 8 channel multiple syringe dispenser 9mm spacing

Our Multiple Syringe Dispensers are ergonomically redesigned for ease of use and reduced operator fatigue. Syringe volumes range from 25µL to 500µL and are graduated to deliver 1/50 of the total volume. Replacement syringes and plunger tips are available. The 8 channel version feature 9mm spacing for compatibility with standard plates.


102-1000-20    25µl syringes, 0.5µl delivered

102-1000-21    50µl syringes, 1.0µl delivered

102-1000-22    100µl syringes, 2.0µl delivered

102-1000-23    250µl syringes, 5.0µl delivered

102-1000-24    500µl syringes, 10.0µl delivered

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