Agilent® Bravo™ and VPrep™ Syringes


ARI manufactures and carries a complete line of syringes for your Agilent VPrep or Bravo Liquid Handler. We can refurbish your syringes, replace your worn out syringe seals, replace damaged needles or provide a new syringe to get your VPrep or Bravo fixed tip dispense head in top condition.


Refurbished syringes are inspected, cleaned and polished. The plunger seals are replaced. Syringes with excessive build-up requiring extensive cleaning and needle replacement will result in additional charge. 


Contact us for more information on Bravo syringe refurbishment, replacement needles or new seals and keep your liquid handling system in prime condition.

“We have been purchasing the V11 syringes from ARI for over ten years. They are the best-priced syringe available and the finest quality we have found.”


 Randy Martinez, Myriad Genetics

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