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With the CrysCam Digital Microscope, you can now capture the protein crystallization images of an entire plate with a click of the mouse. The stage and easy-to-use software automatically capture the image of each well and then move to the next. 

  • Competitive price and superior performance.

  • Compatible with 96-well and 24-well plates.

  • Small footprint; light weight.

  • Can be used in a cold room.

  • Quality par focal zoom lens with iris.

  • 6X zoom with 3.87mm x 5.16mm – 0.6mm x 0.8mm field of view.

  • Integrated cross polarization.

  • High resolution USB cameras

  • 3.0 Mpix CMOS camera, 1/3 inch sensor.

  • Smooth large base platform with integrated LED lighting.

  • Modular and upgradeable components.

  • Image acquisition and processing software.

  • Reads a 96-well plate in less than three minutes.

  • Easy-to-use Windows software.

  • Accurate and precise closed-loop control system.

  • Predefined plate library makes choosing the right well location quick and easy.

  • Stage resolution down to .00013 inch

protein imager, protein crystallization
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