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Crystal Gryphon


The Crystal Gryphon is a small, fast and affordable option for setting up all of your crystal plates. The Crystal Gryphon fits into tight lab spaces and tight lab budgets.


The 96-channel positive displacement head quickly fills screen reservoirs and protein wells. The head has no disposable tips, so the cost of operation and environmental waste is minimized.


The 1-channel non-contact dispenser quickly aspirates and dispenses your proteins allowing your plate to be sealed without evaporation being a problem. This dispense head is designed specifically to handle proteins, features flow-through washing and positive displacement aspiration, to handle all of your proteins.

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Gryphon LCP Overview


The Gryphon LCP is a small, fast and affordable option for setting up Lipidic Cubic Phase sandwich plates and bicelle assays as well as traditional protein crystallography plates. A dedicated syringe based LCP head dispenses the protein, and a 96 head dispenses the buffer solutions. A 96 well sandwich plate can be sealed in less than 2 minutes. An optional non-contact dispenser can be added at any time to set up vapor diffusion sitting drop and hanging drop plates.


ARI first demonstrated the Crystal Gryphon LCP to the Kobilka lab at Stanford as a prototype in 2011.  This instrument, still coming out of development, was used to set up membrane protein crystallization screens that produced diffraction quality crystals, and that team purchased our first device.


The Crystal Gryphon LCP provides a non-contact protein sample nano dispenser, a 96-channel syringe head, and a small volume syringe drive capable of delivering the LCP bolus.  The instrument is versatile. What makes the Crystal Gryphon LCP unique in the robotic world is the LCP syringe drive. The mainstay of the LCP arm is its speed, viscosity independence, and extreme precision and accuracy at low volumes.


Brian and Tong Sun Kobilka have since purchased two additional instruments including one for their Lab at Tsinghua University.  The Crystal Gryphon LCP has proven reliable, durable and the most capable instrument in performing Crystallization screens and Optimization trials to obtain high-quality X-ray diffraction protein crystals.  After all, that is what ARI is all about, helping great labs to generate more and better quality protein crystals than other instruments currently available.

Crystal Gryphon LCP


Crystal Gryphon LCP The Crystal Gryphon LCP combines all of the features of the Gryphon LCP and the Crystal Gryphon into the same compact and reliable system. Capable of doing LCP, sponge phase, bicelle, hanging drop, sitting drop, matrix seeding, and micro batch setups.

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