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Hydra Service

The ARI team has over 50 years building, repairing and maintaining the Hydra product line. Call us for any problems or questions you may have regarding your Hydra or Hydra II.


hydra dispenser service

Art Robbins Instruments personnel have the most knowledge, skills, experience and expertise to repair and service your valuable Hydra instrument. If you are experiencing a technical problem with your Hydra, please feel free to contact us; we might be able to resolve your problem over the phone. If the problem persists, send us your instrument, and we will service or repair it as needed. You will be contacted with an assessment of the problem and the estimate of repair cost before repairs work begins.

Our personnel has the expertise to restore your valuable instrument to the full operational status that meets original performance specifications in a fast and cost-effective manner. ARI manufactures and carries a complete line of syringes for your Hydra and Hydra II. We can refurbish your syringes or replace your worn out syringe seals and get your Hydra or Hydra II dispensing accurately again.


Contact us for more information on syringe refurbishment, replacement needles or new seals as well as any other maintenance your Hydra requires.


Below you will find a list of replacement parts for the Hydra dispenser.

hydra 96 dispenser syringe for robbins scientific
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