Liquid Handling Products

In addition to its protein crystallography products, ARI has product configurations ideally suited for chemistry, DNA, and combinatorial assays.


  • The Cobra nano dispenser is a non-contact dispenser available in 1 or 4 channels. 


  • The Phoenix Liquid Handling System is versatile 96 or 384 head dispenser with interchangeable heads and an optional non-contact nano dispenser. Fast, accurate and easy to use. Ideal for use in chemistry labs.


  • The Scorpion is a single channel pipettor which can access a wide range of tubes and plates. Its speed and versatility make ideally suited for doing combinatorial assays.

MicroFISH, FISH, chemistry experiments, delta robot

The Scorpion is a high speed single channel pipettor. The single channel design allows the Scorpion to access a wide range of tubes and plates. The high speed of the arm motion makes it ideal for combinitorial assays.

liquid handling, syringe dispenser,

Witha 96 or 384 head and a non-contact dispenser, the Gryphon is well suited for dispensing samples and Mastermix.

liquid handling, syinge dispenser, chemical dispenser

The Phoenix features 96 glass syringes and an all metal base. This makes the Phoenix an ideal for handling a wide range of reagents. The 1mL syringes make the system ideal for setting up chemical reactions for use in enzyme and catalyst research.

Hydra dispenser, robbins scientific, syringe dispenser

The ARI team has over 50 years buidling, servicing and maintaining the Hydra product line. Call us for any problems or questions you may have regarding your Hydra or Hydra II.

non-contact dispenser, nano dispenser,mastermix dispenser, cell dispenser

The Cobra liquid handling robot line of non-contact nanoliter capable dispensers is available in 1 or 4 channel versions with a dynamic dispensing range from 300nL to 5mL.  Simple, easy to use PC based software control and 2 plate positions allow for application flexibility.

MicroFISH, FISH, FISH assay, automate FISH

The speed and versatility of the Scorpion make it the ideal choice for synthetic chemists to automate High-Throughput Experimentation in your lab.

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