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Scorpion Accessories


Pipette Tips


Pipette tips for the Scorpion are available in 20, 50, 200 and 1000 µL. They are also available with filters and sterile. 


For most applications, the 1 mL tips work the best. Please contact ARI to choose the optimally sized tip for your application



640-1300-00   1000 µLPipette Tips, 1536/cs

640-1300-01   200 µLPipette Tips, 2304/cs

640-1300-02   50 µL Pipette Tips, 2304/cs

640-1301-00   1000 µL Sterile, Filtered Pipette Tips, 1536/cs

640-1301-01   200 µL Sterile, Filtered Pipette Tips, 2304/cs


Spring Plate for Low Volume Optimization


A spring fixture is available for setting up complete optimization plates on the Scorpion. Ideal for setting up the INTELLI-PLATE 24-4 as scale up optimization plate. Learn more.



640-1206-01  Plate Fixture for Low Volume Dispensing


Plate Adapter


A plate adapter is available to setup optimization directly into a Linbro plate.


Please contact for any other special requirements that your lab may have.




640-1205-01   Scorpion Plate Adapter-Linbro Plate




Each rack or pipette tip rack holder is magnetically keyed to the Scorpion deck to ensure proper alignment.





640-1099-01   Scorpion Tube Rack Inserts, 1.5mil 2.0mil, 4/pk

640-1200-01   Scorpion 15ml Tube Rack

640-1200-02   Scorpion 50ml Tube Rack

640-1201-01   Scorpion Pipette Tip Rack


Scorpion 50 ml tubes, Scorpion 15 ml tubes


640-1203-01   Scorpion Tubing w/ Ferrules

640-1204-01   Scorpion Deck Magnet Kit (1 Red, 1 Black)


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