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Serum Dispenser

multiple syringe dispenser for tissue typing, serum dispenser

Serum Dispensers are available in 60-well, 72-well, or 96-well versions.


All units are inspected, assembled and thoroughly tested by qualified technicians who are the same technicians who made and serviced these devices for many years. All reconditioned equipment comes with a one-year warranty.


102-9010-00    Refurbished 60-syringe Serum Dispenser

102-9020-00    Refurbished 72-syringe Serum Dispenser

102-9180-00    Serum Dispenser reservoir, polycarbonate

102-9181-01    Greiner Tray Table Adapter

102-9310-00    Serum tube holder, for 60-well Serum Dispenser

102-9320-00    Serum tube holder,  for 72-well Serum Dispenser

102-9160-00    250µl replacement syringe for Serum Dispensers

102-9170-00    250µl replacement syringe barrel and plunger tip; plunger rod not included

105-9130-01    Replacement plunger tips, 25 per pack

105-9230-01    Replacement plunger tips, 100 per pack

102-9510-15    Refurbishment of syringe (TCSS needle)

102-9400-03    Factory replacement of plunger tips, includes barrel cleaning


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