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Single Syringes

syringe dispenser for tissue typing, syringe dispenser, single syringe

A full line of tissue typing single syringes is available, along with the associated repeating dispenser. All syringes are fixed needle. The 50ul syringe is available as a shooting syringe or as a soft drop syringe while the higher volume syringes are soft drop syringes. These syringes can be used the repeating dispenser.


102-3000-01    50µl fixed-needle soft-drop syringe

102-3001-01    50μl fixed-needle shooting syringe

102-3000-02    100µl fixed-needle soft-drop syringe

102-3001-02    100μl fixed-needle shooting syringe

102-3000-03    250µl fixed-needle soft-drop syringe

102-3001-03    250μl fixed-needle shooting syringe

102-3000-04    500µl fixed-needle soft-drop syringe

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