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ARI manufactures a full line of syringes for the Hydra Microdispenser, Agilent Bravo and VPrep Liquid Handling System. We also have syringes for tissue typing. All of our syringes are built from the optimal materials and to the highest quality standards possible
Agilent Bravo syringes, velocity 11 syringe
Agilent Bravo and VPrep Syringes

ARI manufactures and carries a complete line of syringes for your Agilent VPrep or Bravo Liquid Handler. We can refurbish your syringes, replace your worn out syringe seals, replace damaged needles.


200-8545-01  Single Syringe for 200ul VP, Flex


200-8554-02  Single Syringe for 50ul VP, Flex


200-8554-01  Single Syringe 50ul VP, SST



Complete listing.

Hanging Drop Seals and Fixture for protein crystallogrpahy
LCP Syringes

LCP syringe for the Gryphon is designed to self-align and easily snap into place on the Gryphon.


620-1005-02   50 uL Syringe

620-1005-03   100 uL Syringe

620-1100-01   ARI Dispense Needle Assy, Short, .250 (3/pk)

620-1100-02   ARI Dispense Needle Assy, Long, .900 (3/pk) For use with seeding


multiple syringe dispenser for tissue typing
Graduated Syringes


The graduated syringes are replacement syringes for the 6 and 8 channel handheld dispensers.


102-2000-00    25µl syringe, 0.5µl delivered

102-2000-01    50µl syringe, 1.0µl delivered

102-2000-02    100µl syringe, 2.0µl delivered

102-2000-03    250µl syringe, 5.0µl delivered

102-2000-04    500µl syringe, 10.0µl delivered

syringes dispenser for tissue typing, shooting syringe
Single Syringes


A full line of tissue typing single syringes is available, along with the associated repeating dispenser. All syringes are fixed needle. The 50ul syringe is available as a shooting syringe or as a soft drop syringe while the higher volume syringes are soft drop syringes. These syringes can be used the repeating dispenser.


102-3000-01    50µl fixed-needle soft-drop syringe

102-3001-01    50μl fixed-needle shooting syringe

102-3000-02    100µl fixed-needle soft-drop syringe

102-3001-02    100μl fixed-needle shooting syringe

102-3000-03    250µl fixed-needle soft-drop syringe

102-3001-03    250μl fixed-needle shooting syringe

102-3000-04    500µl fixed-needle soft-drop syringe

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