Tissue Typing Disposables


Serum Tubes

Our serum tubes are made of precision-molded, medical grade polyethylene. They are available in 200μL or 400μL sizes and in various colors (clear, red, yellow, blue and green). Our serum tubes are packaged 1,000 tubes per bag and are available capless or with an attached, snug-fitting cap that can be easily torn off if desired (no cutting necessary).


Microcentrifuge Tubes - 1.0mL

Our microcentrifuge tubes are compatible with a variety of lab equipment. These transparent tubes are made of medical grade polystyrene. These tubes are available in various colors (clear, red, yellow, blue, green, peach and purple). Companion caps, made of medical grade polyethylene, are also available. 


Microcentrifuge Tubes - 400 μL

These tubes are made from medical grade polyethylene.  The tubes have an attached snug fitting cap. 


Complement Cooling

A set of complement handling products is available to meet your complement handling needs. The complement cooling cups are disposable and autoclavable with a 10 mL volume. The cups are made of non-cytotoxic, non-wettable virgin polypropylene. The cup shape allows maximum recovery of complement without causing bent dispenser needles.


Cover Slips

The glass cover slips are designed specifically for use with Terasaki trays and micro trays.  They cover all the wells of 60, 72, or 96-well trays.  The clear glass enhances the readability of the wells.

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