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Tissue Typing Products

Art Robbins Instruments offers a growing line of products and services including:


  • HLA dispensers & syringes

  • HLA consumables

  • Reconditioned  HLA equipment

  • Service & repair of  HLA equipment


Art Robbins Instruments appreciates your interest in our products and welcomes your comments, questions, and suggestions. As always, the team at ARI looks forward to opportunities to serve you now and in the future.

cell syringes, repeating dispenser, tissue typing syringes

A full line of tissue typing single syringes is available, along with the associated repeating dispenser. All syringes are fixed needle. The 50ul syringe is available as a shooting syringe or as a soft drop syringe while the higher volume syringes are soft drop syringes.

A full line of single and multiple hand-held dispensers and replacement syringes is available. Dispensers have been ergonomically redesigned for significantly easier use and less operator fatigue. Syringe volumes range from 25µL to 500µL and are graduated to deliver 1/50 of the total volume. Replacement syringes and replacement seals are available.

ARI has carries a complete line of serum tubes and microcentrifuge tubes are available in colorless and various colors. We also carry coverslips for Terasaki trays and complement cups.

Complement Cooling System.jpg

The Complement Cooling System consists of a reusable Lucite cooling block filled with refreezable coolant that can be stored in the freezer until needed. This will chill the complement to below 5 degrees for up to 4 hours. The Complement Cup Rack is made of stainless steel and holds up to six complement cups.

cover slips,tray racks,serum tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, stream splitters

While ARI does not carry tissue typing trays, we do carry accessories, including glass cover slips and tray racks for freezers. Racks are also available as companions to our serum tubes and microcentrifuge tubes. We also have a full selection of stream splitters.

ARI also has refurbished Serum Dispensers, automatic oiler and the AutoScope microscope stage for scoring trays.

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