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Tissue Typing Syringes


A full line of single and multiple hand-held dispensers and replacement syringes is available. Dispensers have been ergonomically redesigned for significantly easier use and less operator fatigue. Syringe volumes range from 25µL to 500µL and are graduated to deliver 1/50 of the total volume. Replacement syringes and Teflon tips are available.


We are able to retrofit your current hand-held dispenser to the ergonomically redesigned version. Just send us your old dispenser and we will retrofit it with the new mechanism — and while we have it, we will clean the syringes and replace the plunger tips. You will get a virtually new, easier-to-use dispenser at a significant cost saving.


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A full line of tissue typing single syringes is available, along with the associated repeating dispenser. All syringes are fixed needle. The 50ul syringe is available as a shooting syringe or as a soft drop syringe while the higher volume syringes are soft drop syringes.


For special applications, a 80µL cell microsyringe (fixed-needle soft drop) and an associated repeating dispenser is available.

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