Protein Crystallization Tools

LCP Handheld Dispenser


The manual LCP dispeser movess 200 step over 6 cm.  A simple click of the lever accurately dispenses the LCP sample in 1, 2 or 3 step increments.


620-4100-00   LCP Handheld Multi Volume Dispenser

                         (syringe not incl.)

620-4101-00   Syringe Assembly, 10ul, No needle

620-4102-00   Needle, 0.375" length, 26 GA, 3/pk 



Hanging Drop Seals and Fixture for protein crystallogrpahy
LCP Mixing Station


Spend your time screening your protein, not mixing your LCP. The small, quiet and easy to use LCP Mixing Station provides consistent mixing from sample to sample, user to user and day to day. Simply loading the syringe automatically sets the mixing volume so that only the sample volume is mixed. Learn more.



620-4000-00    LCP Mixing Station

XXXXXXXXXX    Mixing Coupling

Hanging Drop Seals and Fixture for protein crystallogrpahy
Hanging Drop Seals and Fixture


UV compatible seals and fixture for aligning the seals on your plate and to the deck of your Gryphon or Phoenix are available. Contact ARI for a sample to evaluate.



600-4004-00   Hanging Drop Tool

600-4006-00   Hanging Drop Seals (50 per pack)

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