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Customer Spotlight


HarkerBIO is a young, energetic technology partnering company headquartered within the renowned Hautpman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI) in Buffalo, NY.

HarkerBIO activities focus on the determination and use of macromolecular structures to solve research challenges in Pharma and Biotech; the services include a full suite of gene-to-structure activities, advanced molecular biology, protein chemistry, protein design and protein optimization. Some of HarkerBIO's more specialized offerings include crystallization of full-length antibodies and a proprietary technology (dubbed 'Adaptive Surface Alphabet') that can convert poorly crystalline (or entirely non-crystallizeable) proteins into those suitable for iterative ligand soaking, fragment screening etc. HarkerBIO utilizes the highly successful custom robotic screening pipeline at HWI as well as ARI robotics for follow-up and custom screen creation. We use the Crystal Gryphon for setting up assay plates, the Scorpion for designing optimization screens and re-arraying commercial screens into deep well blocks. Both of these instruments have been workhorses for our lab.



Latest Product Updates  

Scorpion Work Station

The Scorpion for MicroFISH Asays

The Scorpion has been updated to automate MicroFISH slide preparation. MicroFISH (SciGene; Sunnyvale, CA) is a miniaturized, slide-based FISH assay that reduces probe cost per test up to tenfold and the labor used to prepare and process assay slides by over 60%. The MicroFISH assay uses a multi-well slide for performing up to eight independent microvolume FISH assays using only 1 µl of cell sample and probe. The Scorpion, with it simple step-by-step interface, streamlines the workflow and increases quality control by automating slide dropping and probe application and providing inventory tracking and batch reports with probe lot number and expiration dates. See it in action at the Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in Tampa Bay, March 9 to 11.


The Scorpion for Combinatorial Compound Arrays

See how the speed and versatility of the Scorpion make it the ideal choice for building Combinatorial Compound Arrays. The high speed motion minimize the time it takes combine 96 samples into higher density plates in an n-sized arrays.


The Gryphon LCP

Find out why the leading labs in the world choose and trust their precious protein samples to the Gryphon LCP.  The Gryphon LCP sets up plates with unrivaled speed. A 96 well sandwich plate can be setup in 70 seconds. The speed and precision of the Gryphon LCP ensures reliable and reproducible results. The syringe based LCP dispenser can dispense 25 nL of LCP at < 5% CVs. 

Existing Gryphon users can have their units factory upgraded. 

See the unrivaled speed and precision of the Gryphon LCP.




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