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Latest Product Update  

Scorpion Work Station

See the fastest and most versatile single channel pipetting work station available, The Scorpion Work Station, at the SLAS conference, January 25 to 27 in San Diego, CA

See how the speed and versatility of the Scorpion make it the ideal choice for building Combinatorial Compound Arrays. The high speed motion minimize the time it takes combine 96 samples into highr density plates in an n-sized arrays.


The Gryphon LCP

Find out why the leading labs in the world choose and trust their precious protein samples to the Gryphon LCP.  The Gryphon LCP sets up plates with unrivaled speed. A 96 well sandwich plate can be setup in 70 seconds. The speed and precision of the Gryphon LCP ensures reliable and reproducible results. The syringe based LCP dispenser can dispense 25 nL of LCP at < 5% CVs. 

Existing Gryphon users can have their units factory upgraded. 

See the unrivaled speed and precision of the Gryphon LCP.




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