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ARI is a proud sponsor and a member of the President’s Circle of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. ARI donates 5% of all sales from veterinary lab orders to the HSSV.  HSSV has been serving people and pets for over 85 years. Having facilitated more than half a million animal adoptions into permanent, loving homes, HSSV is leading the charge for animal welfare through their creative marketing techniques, community education programs, and effective homeless animal prevention strategies.

protein crystallization, drop setters, intelli-plate, crystal gryphon, phoenix, scorpion screen builder

ARI has a full suite of protein crystallization tools. Screen with the Crystal Gryphon LCP or the Crystal Phoenix. Optimize your hits with the Scorpion Screen Builder and image your plates with the CrysCam UV.

tissue typing consumable, cover slips, centrifuge tubes, serum tubes

ARI carries a full line of tubes, syringe dispensers (both hand held and automated), complement cooling sytem, coverslips and storage racks for your lab.

Liquid Handling, phoenix scorpion, gryphon, hydra, cobra

Whether you are working with 50 mL tubes, 1536 well plates or anything in between, ARI has the dispenser to meet your needs.


The non-contact Cobra dispenser is an ideal solution for dispensing Master Mix. The single channel Scorpion can do it all.

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