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Customer Spotlight



HarkerBIO is a young, energetic technology partnering company headquartered within the renowned Hautpman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI) in Buffalo, NY.

“We have been purchasing the V11 syringes from ARI for over ten years. They are the best priced syringe available and the finest quality we have found.”



 Randy Martinez, Myriad Genetics

HarkerBIO activities focus on the determination and use of macromolecular structures to solve research challenges in Pharma and Biotech; the services include a full suite of gene-to-structure activities, advanced molecular biology, protein chemistry, protein design and protein optimization. Some of HarkerBIO's more specialized offerings include crystallization of full-length antibodies and a proprietary technology (dubbed 'Adaptive Surface Alphabet') that can convert poorly crystalline (or entirely non - crystallizeable ) proteins into those suitable for iterative ligand soaking, fragment screening etc. HarkerBIO utilizes the highly successful custom robotic screening pipeline at HWI as well as ARI robotics for follow-up and custom screen creation. We use the Crystal Gryphon for setting up assay plates, the Scorpion for designing optimization screens and re-arraying commercial screens into deep well blocks. Both of these instruments have been workhorses for our lab.

“I really appreciate you working with my situation. It speaks volumes about the type of company you run."


Bret D. Freudenthal, Ph.D.

 University of Kansas Medical Center

“I also wanted to thank you for everything you have done to help me and my company with obtaining, installing, and training on our new Scorpion and Gryphon.  I have always loved Art Robbins Instruments for crystallography, but coupled with the tremendous customer service and help that you have provided, and continue to provide, has made me an ARI customer for life.  You will always be the first company I will call when considering any new equipment for our team and for any future company I work for down the road.

 Thank you, Brian, for making this a productive and positive business relationship and I look forward to future new instruments that your company creates."


Matt Brennan

Fog Pharma

“We have been a customer of ARI for nearly ten years. In an environment where customer service lacks most of the time, our experience with ARI has always been fantastic.


That is something you can be really proud of and we thank you. Quotes are sent immediately and orders filled and shipped same day. Thank you for outstanding service.”


Cleide at BR Life

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