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CrysCam plus

The CrysCam plus is the versatile and affordable solution for all of your protein crystallization plate imaging needs. CrysCam owners can update your existing system to the new CrysCam plus  with UV imaging capabilities.

  • Easy to use software controls lighting and capture settings

  • Competitive price and superior performance

  • Compatible with 96-well, 24-well plates, and LCP slides

  • Small footprint; light weight

  • Can be used in a cold room

  • Integrated cross polarization

  • High speed GigE  camera

  • 6.0 Mpix CMOS camera, 1 inch sensor

  • Smooth large base platform with integrated LED lighting

  • Modular and upgradeable components

  • Reads a 96-well plate in less than three minutes.

  • Predefined plate library makes choosing the right well location quick and easy

CrysCam Plus protein crystal imaging system
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