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Art Robbins Instruments, drop setter, protein crystallization dispenser

A small, fast and affordable option for setting up Lipidic Cubic Phase sandwich plates and bicelle assays as well as traditional protein crystallography plates. A dedicated syringe based LCP dispenser is used for the protein and a 96 head is used for the buffer solutions. A 96 well sandwich can be set up in less than 1 minute. An optional non-contact dispenser can be added at anytime to set up vapor diffusion sitting drop and hanging drop plates.

The speed and versatility of the Scorpion make it ideal for setting up 24 or 96-way optimization grids. With the ability to accommodate deep well blocks, 15 ml tubes, 50 ml tubes, plus 24 and 96 well plates, the Scorpion can do anything you can do by hand or any other system.

Art Robbins Instruments, protein crystallization plates

ARI has developed the ideal plates for your crystallization application: the INTELLI-PLATE. All versions of the INTELLI-PLATE have an SBS footprint and standard well spacing, making them ideal for manual or automated processing.


The complete INTELLI-PLATE product line, both full height and low profile, is available with barcode labels printed to your specifications. Barcodes are printed and applied at our production facility, ensuring your orders will be shipped promptly. 

MicroFISH, Art Robbins Instruments, FISH assays

The speed and versatility of the Scorpion make it the ideal choice for synthetic chemists to automate High-Throughput Experimentation in your lab. With the Scorpion, a synthetic chemist will see a 10-fold increase or more in the number of experiments being performed.

Phoenix dispenser, Art Robbins Instruments

The Crystal Phoenix is the ideal protein crystallography dispenser, featuring accuracy, speed and precision to make it the perfect instrument for sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch reactions. In less than 50 seconds it dispenses protein and screen to the small wells or hanging drop seals. The speed of dispensing the screen and protein eliminates the problem of evaporation even when dispensing as little as 100 nanoliters. 


The Crystal Phoenix is available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 nano dispense tips. Multiple proteins can be quickly dispensed in to multi-well plates.

nano dispenser, Art Robbins Instruments, mastermix dispenser

The Cobra liquid handling robot line of non-contact nanoliter capable dispensers is available in 1 or 4 channel versions with a dynamic dispensing range from 300nL to 5mL.  Simple, easy to use PC based software control and 2 plate positions allow for application flexibility.


The CrysCam UV automatically scans plates capturing visual and UV images. The instrument reads and captures images from 24 and 96 well plates as well as LCP sandwich plates in visual light and/or UV light. Drop images can be reviewed and compared at any time.

The CCUV is also available with 40, 210, 504 plate capacity hotels in both ambient and temperature controlled versions.

Art Robbins Instruments, in meso

The LCP mixer can consistently mix your LCP, freeing you from the tediouse task of manula mixing. 

Art Robbins Instruments, protein crystal, imager

With the CrysCam Digital Microscope is the small, lightweight, portable and affordable way to capture the images of an entire plate with a click of the mouse. The stage and easy-to-use software automatically capture the image of each well and then move to the next. 

ARI has a full suite of protein crystallization tools. Screen proteins with the Crystal Gryphon LCP or the Cystal Phoenix. Optimze your hits with the Scorpion Screen Builder and image your plates with the CrysCam UV.

Whether you working with 50 mL tubes, 1536 well plates or anything in between, ARI has the dispenser to meet your needs.


The non-contact Cobra dispenser is an ideal solution to dispense Master Mix.


The high-speed single channel Scorpion pipettor can do it all.

ARI carries a full line of tubes, syringe dispensers (both hand held and automated), complement cooling sytem, coverslips and storage racks for your lab.

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