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The Cobra Nano Dispenser


The Cobra liquid handling robot line of non-contact nanoliter capable dispensers is available in 1 or 4 channel versions with a dynamic dispensing range from 300nL to 5uL.  Simple, easy to use PC based software control and 2 plate positions allow for application flexibility.


Fast on the fly dispensing quickly fills plates.  The system channels can be configured as aspirate/dispense channels or bulk dispense channels.  With low dead volume, you can extract the most value out of your expensive reagents.




The Cobra 1 features a robust 1 channel design ideal for small research labs, and especially suited for master mix addition. Aspirate/Dispense mode allows minimal waste of expensive PCR reagents.  Bulk-dispense mode can be set up to fill many plates, for example in a high throughput environment.


The Cobra 4 features a 4-channel dispense head which allows up to 4 separate reagents to be dispensed in a single pass.  The Cobra 4 Bulk Dispense mode can be set up on a per channel basis. For example, 4 channels allow Primers, Template, and TAQ in 3 separate aspirate/dispense channels and 1 water channel set up in bulk dispense mode.


The Cobra is ideal as a PCR tool, taking up very little bench space and allowing low volume reactions and reagent savings while being simple to use and fast.​

Cobra Features


  • Fast on-the-fly dispensing into 96, 384 and 1536 well PCR plates

  • Easy to use, simple software interface

  • Liquid classes optimized for anti-splashing in PCR plates

  • Dispense up to 4 separate Reagents in the same pass

  • Low Dead Volume Dispense from 300nL to 5uL

  • Dispense any volume into any well

  • Holds deep well blocks, 1.2mL Tubes

  • Holds full skirt and semi-skirted PCR plate adapters

  • 2 plate position deck

  • Computer control

  • Small space saving footprint

  • Liquid level sensing reagent bottles

  • Easily integrated into plate handlings systems such as the PlateCrane EX™ and the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitor™ RS Microplate Mover



non-contact nano dispenser, 1536 dispenser, aspirate and dispense

Ideal for PCR Set Ups


Combined with the Roche LightCycler 1536 Instrument, the Cobra enables a high throughput, low sample volume Real Time PCR workflow which generates high-performance data.



The Cobra is extremely reliable dispensing qPCR master mix into a Roche 1536 well plate. This can be verified using the Roche qPCR reagent, detecting this on their LC1536 instrument using the 'master control' setting, which verifies the presence of master mix based on a neutral reference dye that is included in the reagent and doesn't otherwise impact the experiment.

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