Tissue Typing Centrifuge Tubes

microcentrifuge tubes 400 μL
Microcentrifuge Tubes - 400 μL


These tubes are made from medical-grade low-density polyethylene (LDPE).  The tubes have an attached snug-fitting cap. The tubes are packaged 1000 per bag.

Temperature: -100 to +80 C


1009-00-00    Clear

1009-00-01    Red

1009-00-02    Yellow

1009-00-03    Blue

1009-00-04    Green

1009-00-05    Orange


microcentrifuge tubes
Microcentrifuge Tubes - 1.0mL


Our microcentrifuge tubes are compatible with a variety of lab equipment. These transparent tubes are made of medical grade polystyrene. These tubes are available in various colors (clear, red, yellow, blue, green, peach and purple). Companion caps, made of medical grade polyethylene, are also available. Microcentrifuge tubes and companion caps are each packaged 1,000 per bag.



101-0000-00    Clear

101-0000-01    Red

101-0000-02    Yellow

101-0000-03    Blue

101-0000-04    Green

101-0000-05    Peach

101-0000-06    Purple

101-0000-09    Assorted colors (6x150/bag)

microcentrifuge tubes caps
Caps for Microcentrifuge Tubes - 1.0mL


The caps are made of medical grade polyethylene. These caps are each packaged 1,000 per bag.



101-1000-00    Clear

Microcentrifuge Tubes 1.5mL
Microcentrifuge Tubes - 1.5mL


A snap cap microcentrifuge tube made from polypropylene and rated to 30,000 x g. Packaged in bags of 1000.


1012-00-00    Clear