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Crystal Gryphon LCP


Crystal Gryphon LCP The Crystal Gryphon LCP combines all of the features of the Gryphon LCP and the Crystal Gryphon into the same compact and reliable system. Capable of doing LCP, sponge phase, bicelle, hanging drop, sitting drop, matrix seeding, and micro batch setups.


  • Versatile and upgradeable. Add a nano or LCP dispenser at any point in the future.

  • Set up seeding experiments, LCP, sponge phase, bicelle, sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch assays all on one compact system.

  • Dispense 96 buffers at once provides reproducible results due to minimal volatile buffer evaporation.

  • A 96 LCP plate can be sealed in under 2 minutes; a vapor diffusion plate in under 1 minute.

  • One instrument to dispense buffers and protein with best in class precision, accuracy and reliability.

  • No costly disposable tips.

The Gryphon is the industry leading family of dispensers designed specifically for protein crystallography. With unsurpassed reliability, performance and speed, the Gryphon is the ideal dispenser for all of your crystallization assays.

Dispense Heads
Crystal Gryphon


The Crystal Gryphon can set up sitting drop, hanging drop, and microbatch plates with volumes down to 50 nL. The system consists of a 96 channel syringe head for dispensing buffer solutions and a non-contact protein dispenser.  The system comes complete with a computer and easy to use drag and drop software. By combining a 96 channel head with a single channel protein dispense head, a 96 well plate can be set up and sealed in less than 1 minute. This assures evaporation will not affect your assays. An optional 24 channel head is available for setting up optimization plates. With the 24 head and the INTELLI-PLATE® 24-4, you can set up 4 optimization assays with each buffer solution.

Gryphon LCP


ARI first demonstrated the Crystal Gryphon LCP to the Kobilka lab at Stanford as a prototype in 2011.  This instrument, still coming out of development, was used to set up membrane protein crystallization screens that produced diffraction quality crystals, and that team purchased our first device.r setting up LCP, sponge phase, bicelle and seeding assays. LCP can be dispensed and mixed with the system.


By combining a 96 channel with a single channel dispense head, a 96 well assay can be dispensed and sealed in less than 90 seconds. This speed, which reduces evaporation, is essential in creating repeatable experiments.  A unique LCP dispense syringe snaps into place and self-aligns eliminating the need for  constant calibration. The LCP/Seeding dispense head can dispense LCP and bicelles down to 10 nL.


The Crystal Gryphon LCP combines all of the features of the Gryphon LCP and the Crystal into the same compact and reliable system. Capable of doing


  • LCP

  • Matrix seeding

  • Hanging drop

  • Sitting drop

  • Sponge phase

  • Bicelle

  • Micro batch

Crystal Gryphon


Specifications 96 Head for buffer solutions:


LCP Dispense Head: 

Protein dispense Head: 

Dispense specs are CVs < 5%

Base:                             20(51)h x 23(59)w x 23(59)d  in(cm)      

                                       68 lbs, 31 Kg

Wash:                            13(33)h x 6.5(17)w x 14(36)d  in(cm)    

                                       5.5 lbs, 2.5 Kg

Protein head:               9.5(24)h x 6(15)w x 16(41)d  in(cm)        

                                       18.5 lbs, 8.4 Kg Base:  120/240 Vac, 3 A, 50/60 Hz

Wash:                            120/240 Vac, 2 A, 50/60 Hz

Protein head:              120/240 Vac, 1.5 A, 50/60 Hz

Windows 10

50 nL to 100 µL

10 nL to 2 µL

50 nL to 100 µL



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