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Tissue Typing Stream Splitters


ARI offers a variety of stream splitters for use with pipetting dispensers to dispense into trays. This dispense technique allows loading one complete row of tray wells at a time.




  • Constructed of chemical-resistant plastic with stainless steel needles

  •  Appropriate fittings for connection to the dispenser

  •  Autoclavable

  •  Easily disassembled for ease of cleaning


Stream splitters are available in four formats. To order, use the catalog numbers shown below.

Stream splitter for terasaki trays tissue typing
Stream splitter for terasaki trays tissue typing
Stream splitter for terasaki trays tissue typing

102-5000-00    Stream splitter, 6-needle for tissue typing trays

102-5010-00    Stream splitter, 10-needle for tissue typing trays

102-5020-00    Stream splitter, 12-needle for 72-well tissue typing trays

102-5030-00    Stream splitter, 12-needle for 96-well tissue typing trays

102-5020-12    Stream splitter, 12-needle, 9mm spacing

102-5040-00    Stream splitter, 8-needle, 9mm spacing

102-5100-00    Repair kit, plastic parts and instructions